1981 Semiconductors Manufacturing and Research

LuminaLED Grand Opening

Grand Opening Ceremony
March 18th 2014, Microelectronica, Bucharest

LED Manufacturing in Romania has now reached a
new level with the state-of-the-art Microelectronica
facilities in Bucharest. Automotive, Optics and
Electronics industries are going to benefit from
the collaboration of Microelectronica as innovative
LED manufacturer and Fraunhofer as Europe’s
largest application-oriented research organization.

After two years time of hard and dedicated work, we
presented the Microelectronica facilities of the
Cleanliness Competence Center in an Opening
, which took place on Tuesday, March
18th, 2014, at Microelectronica venue.

Quality Test Center-PERiMETER

Equipped with leading-edge analyses tools such as
Computer Tomograph, Scanning Electron Microscopes
and Contamination Extraction Systems installed in
a reference cleanroom ISO class1, the company
has now worldwide rare value in identifying improvements
regarding cleanliness technology and lifting it to more
efficiency and high quality standards.