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To whom it may concern

We are please to inform that Microelectronica S.A. signed the contract NACIR – 2013/108252/ 30.04.2014 with Innovation Norway, under the auspices of Norway Grants 2009-2014, Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania, for the project named “GREENCARE” – Green Industry - Romania.

The project has an eco-innovative profil for green existing industry
GREENCARE is a bilateral project between Microelectronica Romania and Trilobite Norway. The project will allow Trilobite and Microelectronica to perform advanced R&D for water cleaning technology, as bacterias and virus treatment to cleaning of polluted waste water.
Project duration: April 2014-April 2016;
Partner: Trilobite AS Norway.
Language of the documentation (tender, offers, evaluation etc.): English.

This message is the official announcement for starting competition addressed to qualified interested economic operator, today October 14th 2014.

The general terms of the offer requested, submission deadline, opening, evaluation and results are below.
For the specific information regarding a specific bid, please do follow the extension of this page by clicking on “GREENCARE” word.
Detailed information for any bid are available on a free basis, by using the section Contact of this web site.
Offer submission deadline (by email, office@microel.ro):13 calendar days.
Offer evaluation, after public opening of the offers, within maximum 7 days.
Offer evaluation result of each bidder directly communicated by reply to the request previously sent by the bidder.
Claim period of 3 days.
Contract concluded within 70 days and name of the contractor published on the site.

Quality Test Center

The New Cleanliness Competence Center

Microelectronica S.A. presents the highest performances cleanroom according to
certification ISO Class 1 (only ten particles
in a cubic meter) - The Quality Test Center

The key-enabling technologies ISO Class 1
is certificated by the largest technology
institute for applied research in Europe,
Fraunhofer Germany, the company which
modernized laboratories European Space Agency.

The central pieces of the equipment are
Computer Tomograph Zeiss Metrotom 1500
and Scanning Electron Microscopy
Zeiss EVO MA 25.

ISO Class 1 rely on advanced high accuracy
measuring equipment
and special cleaning technologies (Co2 Snow
Jet Cleaning)
for high precision applications.