1981 Semiconductors Manufacturing and Research

LuminaLED Grand Opening

Grand Opening Ceremony
March 18th 2014, Microelectronica, Bucharest

Microelectronica S.A. presents in
collaboration with
Fraunhofer IPA and Carl Zeiss
the facilities of the
Cleanliness Competence Center in an
Opening Ceremony,
which took place on Tuesday,
March 18Th, 2014, at Microelectronica venue.
The ceremony was attended by the following
- Ms. Angela Filote,
Head of European Commission’s (EC)
Representation in Romania;
- Mr. Herbert von Buse,
(former) Director of the Industrial
Technologies Directorate, EC;
- Mr. Christos Tokamanis,
Head of Unit Advanced Materials and
Nanotechnologies, DG-R&I, EC;
-Mr. Hans Peter Herdlitschka,
Priority Area Coordinator, Ministry of Finance
and Economics from Baden Wurttemberg.

Quality Test Center

Microelectronica S.A. presents
the highest performances cleanroom
according to
certification ISO 1- 10 particles in a cubic meter,
The Quality Test Center PERIMETRU
The key-enabilng technologies
ISO Class 1
is certificated by the largest technology institute for
applied research in Europe,
Fraunhofer Germany,
the company which modernized laboratories
ESA (European Space Agency).
The central equipment is
Computer Tomograph Zeiss Metrotom 1500
and Scanning Electron Microscopy Zeiss EVO MA 25.
The New Cleanliness Competence Center PERIMETRU
ISO Class 1
rely on advanced microscopy
(Scanning Electron Microscopy Zeiss EVO MA 25)
and special cleaning technologies (Co2 Snow Jet
for high precision applications.